When carrying out research our point of difference is consulting the right sources and carrying out the right analysis that gets at the heart of new understandings and perspectives. We identify the importance of the findings and what they might mean for other areas of work or outcomes you are trying to achieve. We have particular skills in qualitative research and our approach to inquiry is to leave no stone unturned. Since being awarded her PhD in German in 2013, Anita has continued to publish academic research work and to present at academic conferences.


Selected research publications:


Research Note:

  • Perkins, Anita. “The Research Trends: Mobilities Research in the Southern Hemisphere.” Newsletter of T2M International Association for the History of Traffic, Transport and Mobility VIII.6 (2012): 12-14.  <>  (“02-2012”)



  • Perkins, Anita. “Linguistic Constructions of Sociocultural Difference: the initial impressions of Japanese and German students at a New Zealand university.” ISANA International Education Association Conference Proceedings (2008). Online. <> (peer-reviewed)


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