We thrive on complexity, wicked problems, and technical issues. The difference we bring to effective policy making is about gaining clarity of the problem to be addressed, the options to get there and how this relates to the outcome you want to achieve. To do this we look at the issue from all angles, tap into expert knowledge, and produce targeted written products underpinned by a compelling narrative.


 Anita has been involved in a number of significant and complex policy issues, including:


  • leading a strategic analysis to compare New Zealand’s environmental system to that of 10 other countries and making recommendations for New Zealand’s future from international lessons learned


  • policy work and attending international negotiations relating to Japan’s programme of whaling in the Southern Ocean and the concomitant 2014 International Court of Justice case


  • industry engagement, attending international negotiations and producing Cabinet papers to internationally ratify and domestically implement the phase-down of HFC gases under the Montreal Protocol in New Zealand,


  • carrying out public submission analysis, policy research and Cabinet paper drafting to establish the legal basis for agreements between local government and Māori groups on engagement and decision-making under the Resource Management Act


  • designing and executing an evaluation of New Zealand’s environmental legislation in meeting environmental outcomes in the marine domain

  • researching and writing a cost-benefit analysis (regulatory impact assessment) of proposed changes to domestic fisheries management to improve sustainability outcomes