How we work with you

1 - First meeting

First, we meet with you (free of charge) to understand what issues you are working with, what is important to you, and what you are after to help you move forward. This could be at an agreed convenient location, or over skype, depending on your location and preferences. During this conversation, our priority is to listen to understand and then we’ll ask you some questions to get to the heart of why this is important and what success would look like to you.

2 - Proposal

Second, we’ll set about defining the issues in nutshell, and check this problem definition with you. This will be in a written proposal outlining the areas we can help you in. This will include the key research questions as well as proposed methods, break downs of options for work, and quotes for fees. Together we’ll clarify clear deliverables, timing and how you’d like to keep in touch during the contact period. 

3 - Report & delivery

Once we have agreed on a way forward, and the service you’d like us to provide you with, we’ll set about doing the work. This will involve regular check ins at agreed stages. Generally, we’ll provide you with two opportunities to review draft work, before providing you with the final product.