Dr Anita Perkins

The approach of Anita Perkins Consulting is guided by the following principles: Creative questions, Informative stories, Compelling answers

  • Asking creative questions enables getting to the heart of an issue to figure out the ‘so what?’ 


  • Highly developed writing skills result in clear, targeted, informative narratives. 

  • Advanced research experience translates into compelling answers to research needs.

Anita has six years of experience in government, primarily focused in the areas of international relations, environmental management, and arts and culture. She has represented New Zealand at meetings of the International Whaling Commission in South Korea and Slovenia and at a meeting of the UN Montreal Protocol in Thailand. In July of 2018 she took up an invitation by the Taiwanese Government to participate in the 2018 Indo-Pacific and Southeast Asia Youth Seminar on Climate Change. 


Anita’s PhD on mobilities and German travel writing was published as a book 'Travel Texts and Moving Cultures'.


In her spare time Anita volunteers to write short geopolitical essays for the website of the New Zealand Asia Forum, and as a mentor for the Wellington Job Mentor Service. She has been an active member of the Asia New Zealand Foundation Leadership Network since 2008.


Anita has been on University exchange in Germany, taught English in Japan, Germany and New Zealand. She speaks fluent German and has skills in Spanish and Japanese.