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Creative questions

Informative stories


Compelling answers



We provide writing, research and policy services for individuals and public and private organisations

At Anita Perkins Consulting we dive deep into messy, technical or unclear issues work with clients to translate them into clear, targeted and informative products. We are passionate about using our analytical, strategic and creative skills to create positive social and environmental outcomes.


Specialist skills we offer clients:

  • Qualitative research and writing in a variety of modes including policy, academic, web content and creative

  • Extensive experience in government processes and procedures, including international negotiations

  • Stakeholder engagement and work combining the views of multiple government departments 

  • Translating complex technical information so it is understandable

  • Identifying strategic elements of a piece of work and putting together an approach and action plan

  • Coaching and delivering workshops to assist colleagues with professional development

  • Expertise in the areas of German studies, mobilities studies, language, identity, culture and literature and in the policy areas of environment, climate change, international relations and the arts. 




Our writing will grip you from the first sentence, and lead you creatively through a  series of ideas to a clear conclusion. Underlying this process is our passion for the power of language and words and our confidence in developing, structuring and editing narratives. We are experienced in writing in a variety of modes – from creative poetry to web content to academic articles and reports for government Ministers.


When carrying out research our point of difference is consulting the right sources and carrying out the right analysis that gets at the heart of new understandings and perspectives. We identify the importance of the findings and what they might mean for other areas of work or outcomes you are trying to achieve. We have particular skills in qualitative research and our approach to inquiry is to leave no stone unturned.


We thrive on complexity, wicked problems, and technical issues. The difference we bring to effective policy making is about gaining clarity of the problem to be addressed, the options to get there and how this relates to the outcome you want to achieve. To do this we look at the issue from all angles, tap into expert knowledge, and produce targeted written products underpinned by a compelling narrative.


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