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Creating space to connect people and ideas for meaningful change.

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We can tackle complex local and global issues. 
Sometimes it's just hard to know where to start, who to work with, how to connect, what questions to ask, how to find the right information, and how to tell your story.  
These are my super powers. 

My services


Are you a leader in a business or a government agency looking to create, enable and sustain meaningful change? I help you on this journey by connecting people, carrying out interviews, facilitating conversations, writing case studies, research reports, articles and policy documents. This means you can: 

  • cut through complexity and gain a deeper understanding of your kaupapa

  • gain an independent, fresh perspective on what you are doing now and options for next steps

  • understand your operating context and what your clients / partners / employees want

  • know who to partner with, and how to connect and influence decision-making

  • communicate your story in a targeted way to create impact and change



Human experience, language and culture are at the heart of my worldview. I'm passionate about using my expertise in analytical thinking, research, and making connections to create a positive impact for people and the environment. 

I have a PHD in German and I've worked with a wide range of businesses and government agencies, primarily focused in the areas of social impact issues, international relations, conservation and environmental management and Te Tiriti partnerships.

I look forward to working with you!

Anita Perkins(c)2023_Tabitha Arthur Phot
About me


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Department of Conservation/

Ministry for the Environment

My work


I take the time to sit, listen, and understand. I ask that carefully crafted question that strikes right at the heart. 


We define the brief and clarify expected outcomes.

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 I start my research, carry out interviews, facilitate conversations, and put the information together. We check in as needed. 

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 I deliver the completed work to you in the agreed format. 

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"Anita worked with us as lead researcher and writer on a comprehensive research report on mental health and insurance commissioned by an insurance company. Anita's attention to detail and the quality of her work was just outstanding, especially in the qualitative interview work we did with insurance stakeholders about their mental health experiences. Anita's communication throughout the whole process was on point. Any organisation would be very lucky to work with her."

Dr Elizabeth Berryman CEO and Founder of Chnnl App

“Anita quickly came up to speed with our needs and crafted relevant, intelligent content and ideas for our project. She’s super easy to work with, communicates well and delivers awesome work - highly recommended."

John Holt, Founder, Entrepreneur and Executive Chairperson of Territory 3

"Anita has been a pleasure to work with. We engaged with her on an awards entry submission and a brand communication write up. She carefully studied all the information given to her, was unassuming and connected the dots to create a narrative. She did well on a tight deadline and delivered a professional, concise piece of writing for both assignments. We’d recommend Anita to anyone looking for clear, crafted communication."

Angelique Thorne, Senior Producer, Fox&Co Design

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2/318 Lambton Quay, Wellington Central, Wellington 6011

Anita Perkins(c)2023_Tabitha Arthur Phot

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